Documents for the Sale and Purchase of a Home in Portugal


When it comes to the sale and purchase of a property in Portugal, you may notice a few differences if you live or are from another Country. The first difference is property documents are written in Portuguese and there is alot of it. The second is our involvement in the process is likely to be different to your Country and finally the timeframe may be quicker or longer than you’re used to.


As a Real Estate Agent one of the first things we do when we take on a new property listing is ask for copies of the paperwork. Here are some of the documents we need:-


  • Deeds
  • Habitation License 
  • Building License 
  • pre-1951 Certificate 
  • Property Tax Document 
  • Property Registration Certificate 
  • Energy Rating Certificate 
  • 2004, Housing Technical Datasheet 
  • Floor Plans
  • Owner Name, Address and contact details
  • Signed Real Estate Contract
  • Passport
  • Portuguese tax number 
  • Power of Attorney


It is quite normal that homeowners don’t have immediate access to these documents, so as your Real Estate Agent we work with your solicitor to get these organised for you, so you don’t have to.

If you don’t have a solicitor nor an engineer to do your Energy Certificate, we can help with that too, we do not receive any kind of referral fee and are completely independent of each other. We can also recommend a foreign exchange consultant to quote for converting euros to your currency once we sell your home.


Reduced Commission


In Portugal you have a choice of one Real Estate Agent to sell your house (sole agency) normally you receive a reduced commission and your property gets extra marketing spent on it or list with many agencies (multi agency) for a standard commission of 5% plus VAT. However we are fortunate to have established relationships with trusted licensed Real Estate Agents across the Algarve, so their Buyers also get to see your property when you’ve just signed one Real Estate Contract with us. As your Real Estate Agent we get paid on commission only, no upfront costs or fees.


No Upfront Costs or Fees


We register all our Buyer Clients presenting them with a choice of properties to suit their requirements, we personally escort them to your property and present you with any offers or feedback. When the Buyer chooses to purchase your property, we support and advice both parties through the whole process.


Free Valuation and Keyholding


It is common for our homeowners to live abroad, so we are the keyholders (free of charge of course) and your solicitor works on your behalf communicating everything to you through a signed Power of Attorney, so you don’t have to be in Portugal for any of the process.


Thank you for reading this article, let us know if you found it helpful or if you think we missed anything out that would be useful to know. We aim to be a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know for the sale and purchase of a house in the Algarve.


If you are thinking of selling and have any questions, get in touch, we’d love to help.

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