The Neighbourhoods of the Algarve

Location, location, location is what it is all about when you are looking for a property to buy, it is said. To help you decide we give our you our run-down on popular locations in the Algarve.

So you've made the decision on the Country to buy in, Portugal (good choice), next you want somewhere where they speak English and that has Mediterranean weather so you've chosen the Algarve (great idea), now it's time to narrow down your search (here we go).

Location is fundamental when deciding on where to purchase your property in Portugal. Where you want to buy may not suit your budget, some tourist areas especially, are more expensive to buy than more traditional communities and your requirements change when it comes to buying a holiday home or a permanent home in the Algarve. Where you buy a property is more likely to be dictated by what you can afford to spend. Often the one thing that is not flexible when house hunting, is your budget, things like location, property style and size are the first things to concede on.  In our experience, many homebuyers have higher expectations than budgets allow, as sometimes budgets don't match wishlists so it has to be amended. To give you an example of what we mean, someone who has a budget of 345,000 euros will be able to buy a fixer upper fully detached 4 bedroom villa with garage and pool in the hills of Boliqueime or an apartment near the sea in Vilamoura for the same price. It is unlikely their budget of 345,000 euros will buy them a fixer upper fully detached 4 bedroom villa with garage and pool in Vilamoura.

If you are not familiar with the Algarve then

you are in the fortunate position to be open-minded

If you are not familiar with the Algarve and are at the early stage of deciding a location to buy, you are in the fortunate position to be very flexible and open minded about where you are going to buy. You may find these links useful detailing destinations in the Algarve and giving our opinion on what it is like to live here and own a holiday home. We have included our Pros and Cons to help with your decision.

We have started with the Council where our shop is based in the Central Algarve, separating beach resorts, towns and villages within each Council. We will shortly include destinations to the East towards the Spanish boarder and destinations to the Wild West Coast near Lagos, as well as popular inland towns, villages, and towns and coastal towns.

Loule Council, Central Algarve

Vale do Labo & Quinta do Lago


More destinations to follow are:-




Albufeira Council, Central Algarve

Let us know of areas you are interested in that you want included. You can return to this page regularly to find the destinations updated as we prepare them.

Thank you for reading this information, we hope you find it useful and helpful, let us know.

If you are ready to start your property search, let us help you. We can answer any questions, share our useful contacts and find you a home. If you already own a home in the Algarve and are thinking of selling, get in touch.

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