5 Things To Do When You Decide To Put Your Property On the Market

5 Things To Do When You Decide To Put Your Property On the Market

Top 5 Tips: 5 things to do when you decide to put your property on the market

When homeowners first contact us inviting us to your home to help you sell it, we find you have lots of questions for us and we obviously have our list of questions for you too, both to help us get to know the property to sell it but also to reach an agreed market valuation with you. We often hear your concerns about getting yourself emotionally and physically ready to sell your property, you don't know where to start so we have two things to help you; one is this Top 5 Tips (and all the other resources you will find on our website under 'Sell' ) and the second thing is us, our services, we are here for you every step of the way, in every way you could possibly need us, you are not alone.

You don't have to do any of this alone

we are here to help you

We have put together this list to help you prepare to sell your property and move on to your next chapter. Using our experience working in different properties with many homeowners, we have included some helpful tips to prepare you for your new adventure and make something that is considered one of the top most stressful life events, as smooth and easy an experience as possible. You don't have to do any of this, some homeowners can't for one reason or another, so we simply list your property as it, but if you are happy to make some preparations here are our 5 Top Tips:-

1. Resources

Here are some of the resources you may need buy ready to move such as boxes, stickers, selotape, bubble wrap, old newspapers, writing pad and pens. Depending how much rubbish you think you will have, either buy black bin liners or order a skip. You might need a skip if you have a big garden, workshops, sheds and attics to clear. For clothes use as many suitcases as you have, after that use boxes. You will probably find that you need more boxes than you estimated, it's nearly always the case. Before you pack any boxes, really make sure the box corners and base are fully secure ready to take weight. Some people buy different coloured stickers representing different people or rooms, which you can cross reference with an inventory or you can simply write the designated rooms on the stickers stuck on the box, or reference each box by A, B, C, D such as A is Kitchen (A1, A2 etc), B is Living Room etc. Contact us if you want to know where to buy resources or need any help. If you are serious about selling and moving, be prepared and pack up ready to go. If this is too much for you, we can help you.

2. Inventory

If you have an ipad, laptop and phone, its a good idea to start an inventory list on there as well as having a written one or instead of a written one, provided you don't pack up your ipad, laptop or phone. As you pack things up you should write or type a detailed list of each box contents, room by room or person by person. You don't want that panic moment when you think you've lost something precious or sentimental. You will feel so much more calm, organised and in control properly labelling each box and cross referencing with a detailed inventory that is easily accessible. The written or typed detailed inventory list should have a title ie., name of the box/room/person, then two columns one numbering each item, and the second column writing what is being put in the box. Trust us, a detailed inventory is more important than you think for lots of reasons, one because when the box reaches its new house (which can be months later) you will know which room to assign it to, and two it will reassure you on the security of it's contents and help you find items you are searching for. Continue with a detailed inventory list and stickers for big items such as beds, bedside tables, lamps, tables, chairs. It's a good idea to take photos of things and even bubble wrap big items too so they reach their destination safely and securely.  Don't forget to label and inventory the contents of the suitcases. For expensive, precious and sentimental items we recommend these stay as close to you as possible, especially jewellery. If you have a Safe, now is a good time to use it when you have strangers viewing your property, keep the location of your Safe private and confidential until you are ready to handover the keys to the new homeowner.

3. Declutter

It is important to do this as early as possible in your decision making to sell your property as it helps to both sell your house in terms of presentation and gets you in 'move mood' being really organised ready to move. Clear as many surfaces, floors, shelves, drawers and cupboards as possible room by room. We recommend you start with boxes marked in 3 categories 'Storage', 'Charity', 'Sell', and obviously use bin liners or a skip for rubbish. Declutter one room at a time putting items in the appropriate boxes. With the storage (keep box) obviously itemise their contents in your inventory and mark up with room or person it is for. We have contact details for charities and companies that will buy your unwanted items and store and remove items you want to keep. All your bedroom, kitchen and bathroom surfaces should be clear of all products and items, store them in cupboards or box them in one of the three categories.

4. De-personalise

Now it's time to remove your personality from the property especially if you have a bit of a personal theme going, such as you love pink flamingos, a collection of soft toys, etc the chances are the new homebuyer won't have the same taste, so if you have a big private collection of something pack them up, sell them or give them to charity if you no longer want them. If you have lots of fridge magnets or other things stuck on your fridge or other notice boards, or framed family photos on shelves and wall displays, take them down. Your property is about to become a show home, so must be as neutral as possible. When we take photos and video and do viewings, we want to attract as many people as possible to imagine themselves living there. We want the new homebuyers to concentrate on your property, how bright it is, how spacious it is, we don't want any distractions.

5. First Impression

To increase your chances of achieving the best price, attracting lots of homebuyers so we find that one who will decide to buy it, we want every room to be presented at its best. Each room should be set up as it's function intended ie., the spare guest room instead of a storage room should be set-up as a nice welcoming bedroom. If there are any jobs you've been meaning to do for a while, repair something, maintain something, touch up some paint, now is the time to finish it so your property has the best first impression. If you have a nice terrace, set-up some outdoor furniture, or some nice plants at the front door. Start from outside where the buyers will approach the property take a critical view making sure everything is clean and tidy and go room by room. You might need to move furniture or ornaments around the house or purchase a few items to dress the property (all things you can bring with you). We recommend beds and sofas have white or neutral throws with a splash of colour of pillows or cushions. Be viewing ready so there are no dishes in the sink, no washing hanging on the line and no sign of pets.

By carrying out all 5 steps helps prepare you and your property, and helps us to take the best photos and video which will be seen online all over the World 24 hours a day.

Finally we ask where possible that all homeowners and their pets are absent during viewings. It's your property, if you want to be present you can but we find homebuyers are more comfortable when homeowners are not present during viewings.  Please be flexible about viewings, we try to give you as much notice as possible at least 24 hours however we do have homebuyers walking into our shop hoping for same day viewings and sometimes we take them to a property they chose which they might not like, so we may then encourage them to see your property if we think it matches their wishlist better so may call you last minute. It's usually best if we have a door key. Unless you don't live at the property, we will always call you before viewings.

You don't have to do any of this alone, we are here to help. Did you know we offer a FREE homestaging service and FREE resources to dress your property, if you choose to sell your property exclusively with us. We can either work alongside you to get these tasks done, or do them in your absence.  All this along with a special offer on the normal commission rate saving you both money and time.

Thanks for reading this. We hope you found these tips helpful, let us know what you think. If you have any questions about selling, just ask.

Get in touch to find out what your property is worth and list your property For Sale.


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