Need to Send Money Abroad?

Need to Send Money Abroad?

Need to Send Money Abroad?

In the time it took you to drink your coffee, you could have agreed a great exchange rate for your foreign exchange transfer, very simply, all without leaving your chair!

Once you register with our affiliate company, it is quick and easy to transfer thousands of pounds (or whatever your currency) into euros, save yourself hundreds maybe thousands, all with no transfer fees, send funds from your regular bank account via your affiliate company to transfer direct into your personal euro bank account in Portugal or vice versa, within 48 hours or less using this trusted Affiliate Company. Find out for yourself, why not check what transfer fees and exchange rate your regular bank will charge you, compared to our affiliate company?

We use this company for our personal and business finances and many of our international clients happily used them to purchase their property and continue to use them to send money internationally. You can use their free services to purchase a car, purchase a property or send smalller amounts for everyday living expenses such as buying shopping, paying bills or nights out. For us we have had a really good service from this company and great customer experience.

If you are a homebuyer looking for property in Portugal, just take a look at how many thousands you could have gained (8 March 2021), compared to the exchange rate back in September 2020 (below).  If you are a homeowner thinking of selling, see if our Affiliate can save you money compared to your bank, by providing foreign exchange services to facilitate payments.

Before you transfer money from your bank, get a quote from your own high street bank and another quote from our Affiliate Company, to see who gives you the best foreign exchange rate, without fees and quicker! Our Affiliate Company's service is free and you will need to check with your sending and receiving Banks whether or not they have any fees, of which the Affiliate Company would have no control over.

The process with our Affiliate Company is tried and tested, it's quick, it's easy and it saved us money. We know, we use them all the time and so do many of our happy customers. We deal with the same person all the time, she's regularly in touch with us, always popping into our shop for a chat, her company are members of several mutual reputable business networks so we often bump into each other at events and her company has business premises in Portugal and internationally. From the personal relationships we develop with our clients they trust the recommendations we make, we are a registered company in Loule in business for 25 years in the same village licensed as a Real Estate Agent in Portugal, bilingual in English and Portuguese.

After you register with them and provide the necessary one-off documentation requirements, it is a quick and easy 3 step process.

  1. Send an email asking for the best exchange rate of the day stipulating the amount and currency you want to send from, and what currency you want it exchanged to, and you will receive an email with the best exchange rate they will offer you. When you decide to accept the exchange rate within the timeframe, let them know by return email.
  2. They will send you a confirmation 'Ticket' by email and this is your opportunity to double check the agreed exchange rate, conversion, amount to send, the currency, and your receiving bank account where you want the money to arrive and respond to the Ticket email to proceed. They should already have a record of your sending and receiving Bank Account details from when you set-up the account, but double check it is all correct.
  3. Next logon to your bank account where you are sending the money 'from', do a transfer to the Affiliate Company's provided bank account details you have on file for our Affiliate Company  include your Affiliate ID number, and send an email to tell them when it's done. That's it! They will do all the work sending you email updates tracking the transfer process, so you can carry on with your day. Now you just look out for the agreed transfer amount to arrive in your Bank Account.

True Story! We took this one step further and visited our Euro high street Bank here in Portugal asking what Foreign Exchange Rate they would offer if we were to send hundreds of thousands from Euros into UK Pound Sterling and we were really surprised with the response. Our own bank could not tell us what the exchange rate would be as it happened at the other end, they could only tell us what their fee would be and could not guarantee there were further fees at the other end and could not guarantee when it would arrive. As you can imagine, we never use our high street Euro Bank Account for any of our small or large international money transfers anymore. It could be different for your Bank especially if you have a special amount to transfer, conctact your Bank to find out for yourself, it is always best to compare with your Bank and other companies before you make a decision. One of our clients did get a better arrangement with his Bank, so find out.

Let's put into perspective for you what the difference of the right timing of an exchange rate in your favour can look like. Looking at the exchange rate we were quoted today (8 March 2021) from UK Pounds to Euros and comparing it to before Brexit on 10th September 2020, imagine our homebuyer client is sending UK pounds into Euros to buy a house in the Algarve:-

                                                       Before Brexit         Today (8 March 2021)    

                                UK Pounds           450,000               450,000

                                Rate                        1.095                     1.16                       

                                Euros                  492,750                522,000

                                Saving                                               29,250

If you're a homebuyer from the UK looking to buy or move to Portugal, this is another good reason to buy now, along with the Stamp Duty exemption until June 2021 encouraging homebuyers to buy your UK home!

Once you sign up with our Affiliate Company you are dealing with them directly and personally in-line with their Terms and Conditions which they provide to you along with meeting the Anti Money Laundering Regulations check requirements. It is free to register and free each time you use their services. Once registered, you can use our Affiliate Company for the sale and purchase of property or for just small regular amounts or for renovations, buying a car etc. Obviously the bigger the amount the more flexible and generous they can be on the foreign exchange rate they agree with you. They can even keep an eye on the exchange rate for you as it fluctuates and keep you updated when it goes up and down so you can make the decision when and if to transfer your money. They can also freeze a rate which they guarantee if you tie into their services and meet the agreed deadline. Find them on Trustpilot UK. We don't just refer UK clients to them but international clients.

One of the reasons it can sometimes be a great time to sell your property when it is a Seller's Market, as it is now (it can change at any time), is because there are more homebuyers than properties for sale so a higher chance of selling quicker as demand is higher than supply plus you could be less flexible negotiating your price, but that doesn't necessarily mean the exchange rate works in your favour.  In fact sometimes we find the opposite, when it is an exchange rate in favour of a seller then the market is a Buyers Market (more properties and less homebuyers so homebuyers have a greater choice and homeowners may need to be more flexible when deciding on their property marketing price and negotiating offers). We understand sometimes you want to or have to sell now regardless of the market conditions and exchange rate.

One particular client whose house we sold, decided to leave the proceeds from the sale of his house temporarily retained safely with his trusted solicitor (your Estate Agent should never handle your money) waiting for a better exchange rate in his favour. Our Affiliate Company stayed in regular contact with him, waiting for the best exchange rate for him so he could make the most of his hundreds of thousands of euros into pounds (or whatever currency you are dealing with). Even before you decide to sell or buy a property, consider keeping on eye on the foreign exchange rate or sign up to the Affiliate so they can send you regular newsletters with fluctuating rates, they change throughout the day.

Our Affiliate Company have another great feature if you are regularly travelling between different countries and need to use different currencies, find out about their pre-paid card. Get In Touch!

Our Affiliate's service is free, quick and can save you money depending on the Bank of England exchange rate at the time of transfer, you can transfer any currency, any amount (subject to their T&Cs) and the best bit is you don't even need to leave your chair. We have so many more money and time saving tips for our valued customers. (The Bank of England publish daily spot rates against Sterling and other currencies on their database. Please note: their exchange rates are not official rates, not tourism rates and are no more authoritative than that of any commercial bank operating in the London foreign exchange market.)

With the disruption of the pandemic, shortage of properties and the high demand for properties, that makes you as a homeowner selling your property, in much demand by our homebuyers, that's why we are extending to you a Special Offer. Contact us to find out more about buying or selling a property and the property sale and purchase process or browse our website for more information. As your Real Estate Agent we do not handle any of your money for the sale and purchase of your property at any stage of the process.

Find out if the services of our Affiliate Company is for you, you don't have to be selling or buying a property or even a customer of Diamond Properties Algarve to use their services, but it would be nice if you are!

Ready to find out more? For more information or to speak to one of their specialists, please fill in the Contact Form.

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8 March 2021

(Full Disclosure: Affiliate Companies do pay Businesses a commission for customer referrals.)


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