Thinking of Selling?

Thinking of Selling?

Thinking of Selling?

Thinking of Selling your property, don't let a World Pandemic stop you!

You have come to the right place. It is our job to help you with the purchase and sale of your property in the Algarve and it is also part of our role to be there for you before, during and after the process and we try to prepare you with as much advice as we can right here on our website.

Like most of our homeowners you may live overseas thousands of miles away from your property in the Algarve (we are used to this it is normal for us), or you might live right here in Portugal. What you might not realise is that you don't need to be in Portugal to start marketing your property at the beginning or at all, this is where we come in and we do all the work for you. With the new demands put upon us with the World Pandemic, neither your distance nor these exceptional circumstances should stop you bringing your property to market.




Don't let the fact that you're not here for the sale of your home in Portugal stress you out, just our last two property sales were for homeowners abroad one in the UK and one in Sweden and we never needed to meet for the sale to proceed. One homeowner already had a solicitor here, the other used a solicitor we recommended and we even took care of packing up his belongings and shipping them to him. With our help and hard work we will do whatever it takes to support you to get your home sold. Once we find you a homebuyer, you simply give your chosen solicitor Power of Attorney to finalise the legal paperwork for the transfer the sale and purchase of your property to our new homebuyer and we communicate with all parties to push the sale along.

Did you know the majority of homebuyers find their property in the Algarve online, on their phones or work or home computers often overseas thousands of miles away from Portugal. So we take all the necessary steps to prepare your property for sale without ever needing to meet you in the first instance (or not at all if necessary), all we need is a set of keys or your keyholder's number, photocopies of your documents (we will help you), then we get to work setting out your agreed terms in our contract which we post to you to sign and return, then we're ready to go. We will take a look at your property and give you advice on the best way to bring it to the market to achieve the timeframe and price you are looking for.

For most of our homebuyers this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, sometimes they choose your property to view and sometimes we carefully select properties like yours to match their wishlist. Like our service to you, we advise them throughout the process and give them the same reassurance and all the support they need to complete the purchase and sale of your property as quickly and smoothly as possible. We have all the contact homeowners and homebuyers need including local solicitors, removal companies, mortgage brokers, foreign exchange experts and much, much more.

The best part is to begin marketing your property with us as your Estate Agent it doesn't cost you anything, you only pay our commission when we are successful in finding you a homebuyer whose offer you are happy to accept. It's important we get your property presented before homebuyers as soon as possible usually from your first point of contact with us, your property is online within just a couple of days.

Read on to find out the benefits of our service to you and why now is in fact a perfect moment to put your property on the market for sale and it couldn't be easier. We can communicate with you online, over the phone by email, text, and video calls. We can help present your property in the best way with our free homestaging service and special offer reduced commission if you're an exclusive client, saving you time and money and making your property more competitive and attractive in the market to homebuyers. The pandemic has not stopped us working hard for you, nor homebuyers contacting us to look for a property to buy.  In fact the current situation has only encouraged people to pursue their dreams appreciating that life is precious and people are taking advantage of new homeworking opportunities meaning they can live anywhere.  Our active homebuyers currently include a cashbuyer looking for a private family holiday home in the Vilamoura or Loule area with a budget up to 800,000 euros, another cashbuyer looking for an updated country traditional house up to 1M euros, homebuyers looking to relocate to Portugal with a budget up to 350,000 euros and a lovely family who have already sold their UK house moved to the Algarve and looking for a detached modern villa up to 450,000 euros, to name just a few. Could one of these homebuyers be describing your property, it only takes one homebuyer and it wouldn't be the first time we have sold a property to the first homebuyer to walk through the door nor before a property has even hit the open market.

It will be ideal if your property already matches one of our existing hot homebuyers, if not our marketing strategies will reach our global homebuyers with national and international exposure, to showcase your home.

Are you ready, do you have any questions? Just get in touch by telephone, email, online chat on our website or on online form. We are also contactable on our Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok at DiamondAlgarve, all working 24/7 365 days of the year to sell your property.

Thanks for visiting our website today and we look forward to being your Estate Agent.

For The Diamond of Estate Agents!