Home Staging

Home Staging

Did you know that 49%* of homebuyers will not book a viewing of your property for sale if they don’t like your Real Estate Agent photos! That is quite a brutal statistic but may be one of two reasons why your property might not sell as quickly as you want or for the price you want to achieve.  Did you know the top 2 reasons why your listed property might not be receiving buyer enquiries or viewings, is probably one of these:-

  1. The Photos
  2. Priced too high

If you haven’t staged your property then the photos might not be attracting the right buyer, to sell your home it only takes that 1 buyer, so this is what we mean by ‘the photos’, your potential buyer could just have swiped left. Often we give homeowners a realistic valuation but they choose to put it on the market much, much higher and this is why sometimes their property won’t even receive an enquiry let alone a viewing if it is priced too high!

“The secret is to make it the buyer’s future home, not the seller’s current home.”

Diamond Properties Algarve

As Real Estate Agents, at Diamond Properties Algarve we eat, dream and work everything property. In our spare time we watch TV programs on selling property, architecture and moving overseas such as Grand Design, A Place in the Sun, Selling Sunsets and decluttering program and YouTube channels like Sort Your Life Out and many more. We visit DIY and home furnishing shops so we’re always looking for inspiration.

Here are our Top 5 Tips that do not cost you anything that we use before taking photos of clients’ properties and before carrying out viewings to sell or rent homes. Unless a client’s home is an Exclusive Listing with us or it is a multiagency listing but the homeowner has not acquired our Home Staging Services, then we can’t apply the full list of the top secrets of our property industry.

Here we share our Top 5 Tips for a quick, easy and free way to Home Stage your property:-

  1. All Hygiene and Cleaning products removed and all surfaces clear
  2. Curtains, blinds, shutters, windows and doors open and lights on
  3. All personal photos, sentimental or valuable items stored away
  4. Toilet seats down
  5. Set the scene, tables set for a meal, TV on and music playing, poolside towels or garden furniture laid out with books, hats etc.

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Home Staging is just one of the services we offer whether or not you are a client selling or renting your property. Our successful Home Staging is achieved even on zero expense, we either re-purpose what you already have or we can bring our own supplies and resources just for the purpose of your photos and a video. If you want items to keep then we can help you buy new trending home decor.

At a recent Exclusive Listing we got the homeowners permission to stage their home for free, all part of our service as the sole agency selling their home. We used our own resources and theirs, moved some furniture around, put things away very carefully and 4 hours later it was transformed both inside and out. The first buyer who walked through the door, before we had even listed it, did a second viewing and we are waiting on news of an offer as we write this article! The secret is to make it the buyer’s future home, not the seller’s current home.

If you want some help to Home Stage your property if you want to rent it, sell it (multiagency) or even if you don’t want to sell it but simply want to enjoy your home, our Home Stage Service prices start at just 200 euros. However if you are listing your property to sell with us exclusively, not only do you receive a reduced commission you also receive a free Home Staging Service session. If you have a bigger property with a higher budget we can arrange a personal shopper to buy some home decor with/for you or even arrange redecoration. By helping you buy new items to dress your property you can take these with you when you move. We can introduce you to our favourite pre-loved furniture and charity stores to grab a bargain or something unique!

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*Source EstateAgentToday.co.uk


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