8 Top Contacts You Need To Buy a Home in Portugal

8 Top Contacts You Need to Buy a Home in Portugal To purchase a property in Portugal there are a few experts you're going to need, allow us to introduce you to your team. Estate Agent/ Property Manager Lawyer Bank  Surveyor Foreign Exchange Company Insurance Government Registration (Fiscal Number) Removal Company You can find the related website links to the above companies and a brief desc عرض المزيد

Quick Guide to Flying with Covid Restrictions

Diamond's Guide to Flying with Covid Restrictions As most of our clients are Expats from abroad, we are sharing this guide we put together for our own travel purposes as Real Estate experts (we are not health, travel border professionals). If, like us, you find it all a bit confusing, we hope you find this guide we've prepared in simplified terms helpful, based on what we would need to do to fly t عرض المزيد

Moving from the USA and Canada to Portugal?

Moving from the USA & Canada to Portugal? Portugal is the chosen destination for many foreign internationals looking to immigrate and move to the most South Westerly point of Europe. Some of the reasons Portugal is so appealing is not just for its climate and thousands of miles of stunning coastline with golden sandy beaches (especially the Algarve), but also its rich culture and history, beau عرض المزيد

What do we do for our Commission?

What do we do for our Commission? Imagine having a bilingual personal assistant based in Portugal with the key to your home overseas, that has made it easy for you to sell your empty property while you continue enjoying your everyday life, meanwhile your assistant will work all day long to bring you hundreds of thousands sometimes millions of euros, and pay for the entire marketing process in or عرض المزيد

Is English Spoken in Portugal?

Is English Spoken in Portugal? We often get asked about how widely English is spoken in Portugal and some are critical about the response, it may not be what you were expecting. Here's our candid Blog (and opinion) on the subject. The answer is Yes generally (but not as you might expect)! In the Algarve you will find English is more widely spoken than in other parts of Portugal, with the exception عرض المزيد

Thinking of Selling?

Thinking of Selling? Thinking of Selling your property, don't let a World Pandemic stop you! You have come to the right place. It is our job to help you with the purchase and sale of your property in the Algarve and it is also part of our role to be there for you before, during and after the process and we try to prepare you with as much advice as we can right here on our website. Like most of our عرض المزيد