Currency Transfers

Currency Transfers

Here’s One of our Top Money Saving Tips!

So many property buyers and sellers could be missing out on this fantastic financial tip! Your first big decision when you come to buy or sell a property in Portugal is, which property you are going to buy. Your second big decision should be, who you choose to transfer your money between currencies. Don’t just automatically use your Bank’s foreign exchange rate, do some independent research first*, it could save you time and money!

Diamond Properties Algarve are proud to have a parternship with A Place in the Sun Currency


Pound at highest level since August!

Diamond Properties Algarve are delighted to announce our partnership withA Place in the Sun Currencysince 2021, to serve our clients. So if you have any viewing trips or scouting trips booked, they would love to help you save money on your property purchase and sale in Portugal. You can set-up an account before you find your Dream Home.

Or perhaps you are a British seller moving back to the UK? With A Place in the Sun Currency EU banking facilities, they can receive Euros efficiently on your behalf and help maximise your Sterling return. 

With the Pound at its highest level since August 2023 for Euros, now is the perfect time to contact  A Place in the Sun Currency (as at 18th April 2024).

Diamond Properties Algarve recommend A Place in the Sun Currency to all our clients to make your money go further when buying or selling property in Portugal. As specialists in international property transactions, A Place in the Sun Currencywill provide a dedicated, experienced account manager to you to ensure your money is transferred to the right place, at the right time and at a competitive rate.

Register with A Place in the Sun Currency here

There is no cost to register and you are not obliged to use A Place in the Sun Currencyservices, you simply set up the facility to order your currency payment with them when you choose to buy or sell a property, now or in the future after you get a quote and agree on an exchange rate* you are happy with.

How it Works

As your Real Estate Agent, Diamond Properties Algarve do not handle any funds to buy or sell property. A Place in the Sun Currency are the designated company to handle all client payments through UK and EU Bank Accounts held with Barclays Bank plc, where you fund are handled swiftly and securely.

Here’s how you can save hundreds or maybe thousands compared to your High Street Bank in just 8 short steps*:-

  1. Register with A Place in the Sun Currency via this link
  2. Get a Currency Quote from A Place in the Sun Currency*
  3. Place your Order with A Place in the Sun Currency
  4. Receive an email with A Place in the Sun Currency Client Bank Details
  5. Do a normal Bank Transfer to A Place in the Sun Currency
  6. When A Place in the Sun Currency receive your funds they will send you a receipt by email
  7. A Place in the Sun Currency will then transfer the agreed amount in the currency you requested to the Beneficiary you provided for the other Bank Account^
  8. A Place in the Sun Currency will email you a proof of transfer which you can provide as proof of funds

^You will need to provide A Place in the Sun Currency with the details of the beneficiary account, whether it is your own bank account overseas, or a third party such as a solicitor or notary who is handling your property purchase.

How long will it take?

A Place in the Sun Currency will transfer your currency immediately, typically it arrives at the Beneficiary Bank Account on the same day or next day after internal checks and subject to Bank cut-off times.

If you are unsure of the details required for your currency payment, don’t worry – their friendly team of dedicated account managers will ensure you have provided all the necessary information to make your payment swift and secure.

With A Place in the Sun Currency you can be assured that your funds are in safe hands; their payments team are experts in making international payments for overseas property buyers, and are FCA regulated as well as HMRC registered as a money service business. If for any reason your purchased currency is left on account with them overnight or longer, it is held in Safeguarded Bank Accounts and is legally ring-fenced from their business banking, or separate client bank accounts, depending on FCA definitions.

Due Diligence*

It will only take you a few minutes to do your own independent research to make a decision on the value and benefits of the service offered byA Place in the Sun Currency, which can save you time and money in the long run.To do this calculate the full total amount needed to be sent/being received for your property purchase or sale including the agreed Property Purchase Price, Council Tax, Stamp Duty, Notary Fees, Lawyer’s Costs, Real Estate Agency Commission etc. Then using that total amount, ask your normal Bank Branch these 3 key points:-

a) what exchange rate can they guarantee for your transaction?

b) what is the total breakdown of all fees and costs for the transfer?

c) how long it will take?

Then ask the same three questions ofA Place in the Sun Currencyto make an informed decision on which company best serves your needs regarding fees, costs, speed, security and value of the final funds converted, compare each of their responses to consider your options and who you are going to choose to work with.

The service offered by A Place in the Sun Currency is not just for one-off property purchases, once you have set-up an account you can to use their services regularly to transfer funds such as to purchase a car, buy furniture, renovate your property or even receive your pension.

A Place in the Sun Currency are the Winners of the Best Overseas Payment Company 2023 Global Excellence Awards with Acquisition International. 

Don’t take our word for it, see the raving customer reviews for yourself! A Place in the Sun Currency Reviews


“Great way of transferring large and smaller amounts

of currency without having to pay ridiculous bank fees.

Using a forward contract gave us certainty about

the rate of exchange and therefore the cost which

massively reduced our stress levels when

buying abroad. I was impressed with the attention

to security and double checking of account numbers etc.”

Jane Worsley


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