Property Management Service

We will happily be your Personal Assistant on the ground in Portugal.

The majority of the properties in tourist destinations in the Algarve belong to owners abroad, and like many of our buyers they do not live full-time in Portugal and can worry about who they can rely on to look after them. With empty properties can come problems and costs if they are not visited and maintained regularly. We provide expert service on the ground to meet your property needs, through decades of experience of owning property in Portugal ourselves we have the personal and professional skills you can rely on. For a set fee each month, paid three months in advance we will be your personal property assistant whether you own an apartment or mansion Diamond Properties Algarve can help and support you.

Here are just some of the services you can benefit from when you choose us to manage your propety in the Algarve:-

  1. Weekly property visits

  2. Air & secure property

  3. Advice and support to owners and guests in English

  4. Property maintenance assistance
  5. Emergency response

  6. Opening post
  7. Utility organisation and payments

  8. Managing auxillary staff

  9. Access to our reliable and trusted plumbers, electricians, maids, gardener, pool man, handyman, builders and decorators

  10. Money saving tips

  11. Translation and interpretation support

  12. Vehicle management and storage
  13. Quarterly reports and much, much more

We are available to offer you as much or as little support as you need. We are available for everything you, your family, friends, guests and property need. Contact us for a personal quote, we will be very happy to be your friendly contact in the Algarve.