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Buyer Q and A's

Here are some of the many questions Diamond Properties Algarve are regularly asked, and our answers about buying property in Portugal. Contact us if you have a question and we will be happy to answer it for you.

Q1. Can I buy a property in Portugal if I am from another Country?

A1. Yes you can. You do not need to be a resident or citizen of Portugal to buy a property here. However there are some benefits and restrictions depending on which country you are from, such as The Golden Visa Program or the Non-Habitual Residents Regime, if you are applicable. Contact us to find out more.

Q2. How long does it take to buy a property?

A2. The process from start to finish (offer to deeds) of a typical property is 2 months, however it can take just 2 weeks depending on the property type, for example if it is Offshore or a piece of land.

Q3. What is the process for buying?

A3. Please see our guide to buying under the Buy heading at the top toolbar. To put it briefly, it is a two step process 1. Sign a Promissory Contract and hand over a 10% Deposit and 2. Sign the Deeds and hand over the 90% balance and pay all the buyer costs.

Q4. Can you tell me exactly where a property is so I can see whether or not I like the area first?

A4. Unfortunately no, for lots of reasons. We meet with you to establish your requirements, see which property would be suitable for you and ask you to register with us to assign us as your Estate Agent before we take you out on viewings. If we establish you do not want to be near electrical cables, for example, then that sort of information helps us identify a suitable property as we have visited every property and met each owner, so we are very knowledgeable. Sometimes a buyer will phone us or pop in our showroom and ask 'I want to view that property' so we don't simply give out addresses, we have to first establish their requirements, register them, before we carry out a property viewing we need to know the identify of each and every buyer, find out their status and ensure the property they asked to view is really want they want. We also have to follow the instructions of sellers in terms of the types of buyers they want viewing their property. 

Q5. Do I need a lawyer (known as Conveyancing in the UK)?

A5. Yes definitely, in our opinion, unless you happen to know the Portuguese language and the real estate law in Portugal.

Q6. How do I find a lawyer?

A6. We have all those contact details for you, tried and trusted by our other clients and we do not receive a penny for referring you.

Q7. If I buy a property abroad, who will I get to look after it for me?

A7. We will, we can be your Property Managers. Just ask for a quote.

Q8. I want to buy a property in the Algarve, where do I start?

A8. You have just taken your first step by visiting our website, now send us an email and we will take care of the rest.


We hope you found these Q&A's helpful.  Do you have more questions, or suggestions for questions, contact us.