Market Your Property for FREE!

Market Your Property for FREE!

Marketing your property is the easy bit, we won't charge you upfront marketing, listing or administration fees, we do that bit for FREE.

In fact if we are not successful in finding you a buyer who secures their accepted offer with a 10% deposit, then you do not pay us one cent. We pay to add your property to a network of portals and leading websites, and that is just the tip of the iceberg of what we will do for FREE until we find a buyer.

The value of an Estate Agent is not in the marketing, it is in the personal service. Marketing is of course very important but what about communication, what happened to Customer Service?

Many buyers will tell you, they chose to buy a property from an Estate Agent that communicated with them, so basic and yet so true.

Do you know how many times we hear from buyers that after hours of searching online for their favourite properties on other websites, their emails or telephone calls go unanswered and finally when they do get a response in many cases their favourite property is sold, some sold a long time ago.

We have even had buyers walk into our shop telling us they booked flights and a hotel to view a specific property they found on another website only to arrive in the Algarve to be told it is sold, so we help them find properties to view that are available.

It is crucial for Estate Agents to have a real life pulse on the market, knowing what people want, when they want it, what is available, where, how much and actually getting buyers to view properties available to buy.

With all of the properties we advertise at Diamond Properties Algarve we know the owner, and we have visited the property and in most cases we have the key.

When selling your property with Diamond Properties Algarve your property will receive maximum exposure on many worldwide portals for FREE, however we feel selling your property is so much more than just marketing, it is about -

  • being a representive in the industry in Portugal licensed and registered to actively sell properties 24/7
  • demonstrating the skills of a professional long standing Real Estate expert
  • FREE valuations, free photographing, free homestaging, free For Sale signs
  • bilingual communication in both languages
  • having a strong local presence in the community
  • being available for telephone calls, emails, messages, personal visitors
  • key holding and opening, presenting and securing properties
  • offering a welcoming showroom in the Algarve where buyers can sit down to discuss their requirements and ask questions
  • giving buyers a personal tour of the area
  • carry out professional property viewings for you, getting feedback, negotiating and following through
  • having all the contacts needed to support the buyer and seller throughout the process
  • being there until the successful outcome and beyond with our after sales service

YOU PAY ABSOLUTELY ZERO until we are successful in finding a buyer who will secure their accepted offer with a 10% deposit. In addition we are offering a reduced commission for sellers that sign our contract before the end of 2018, contact us to find out more.

That is what we want to do for you, contact us if you are thinking of selling.

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