Your Garden

A well maintained garden is something we can provide all year round with our gardening services.

We don't just sell you a property, we help you maintain it as well, we specialise in all aspects of property management including your garden, pool, housekeeping, bill payments, maintenance, renovations and decorating.

We can help you redesign your garden with a free consultation from a professional landscape designer and add extra flowers, plants, trees and boarders to improve its presentation. We can also help you select garden furniture, ornaments and fountains, everything you need for the garden you want. 

With our Property Management Service we maintain your garden each week, so you can simply enjoy it, whether you live here permanently, rent out your property or use it as a private holiday home.

We are conveniently located in Central Algarve and part of our service to you is weekly maintenance, regular routine checks and making recommendations for and overseeing repairs and improvements.

Many of our property owners live abroad so we oversee everything for you.

The priority is to present the property in the highest standards, each week, at the lowest costs, keeping it maintained, safe and secure at all times.

Our services are based on our reputation of providing an exceptionally high standard, with professional skills at a set fee paid monthly on a yearly contract. We can provide quotes for specialist works such as removal of large trees, oversized garden debris, irrigation works, garden design renovations etc.

Our weekly visits include clearing, cleaning, tidying, pruning, watering of your garden, with set times and days prescheduled, all year round whether the property is occupied or vacant. All debris and litter is removed from the premises.

The garden is to be left in perfect condition and safe to use, inaccordance with your requirements. 

During times of heavy rains, we will check on drainage systems to ensure they are clear and working effectively to avoid flooding.

We will set times and days of the week to access your garden, which may be changed to vary the routine, depending on the needs of the garden and for security reasons.

We use our own resources and equipment to maintain your garden.

Should you have guests in attendance at the property, we will continue our work at the usual high very standard and time period, with minimal guest disturbance. Should you or your guests have any queries, problems or complaints we will address those immediately keeping you informed of progress.

Contact us today for a quote, we are happy to help.